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the road to 'Canadian made'

I don't pretend to know all the ins and outs of the clothing industry + starting a brand from the ground up, but I made a leap of faith because I believe in the idea of getting back to 'buying local' Canadian made' and all that it represents. I was inspired to create an honest, authentic + transparent Okanagan brand that supported other like-minded businesses. Boy was I in for a ride between months + months of researching Canadian wholesalers, high minimum orders, heavy costs with small orders, supply chain issues due to current climate; branching out to US companies only to learn 'made in US' doesn't mean - Made in the US!

As my journey has unfolded the last nine months this is what I know - somewhere along the way, although my goal is the same and I strive to continue to expand and grow my line to be 100% made in Canada, for now, I am happy creating space for people who love the Okanagan - they can dress from the inside out -Every purchase lets me know I am on the right track and helps me give back to the Lake communities I love!

For me it is time with family - road trips, lake days + keepsakes. All the treasured 'remember when's created on long drives, dirt roads and lazy dock talks. The space in between .. we sometimes get so caught up in trying to fill our days we loose those precious moments we try to recreate flying away to tropical places, renting other peoples spaces when really it is all within our grasp now - at the nearest lakeside walk, mountain hike or even a misty drive with a warm coffee + some tunes playing!

Take the long way home - any chance you get..there is always something to be thankful for when we pay attention.

 with love + gratitude

Samantha Holmes
founder I owner

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