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Funny, there is no shortage of things to commit to in life, you learn that all too quickly as the reality of 'growing up' hits you square in the face! Daily obligations come with learning to run a home, raise a family, keep little people alive + safe! Then there are the choices that are more global; these parts of our world that can easily be pushed aside although so worthy of consideration. I can remember the all consuming feeling of overwhelm some days of just putting one foot in front of the other - making sure my girls were out in nature, fresh air on there little faces, running free + using there imaginations and exploring - back then paper or plastic; where are clothes and household items were made did not cross my mind.

I can say with everything that I am that starting Lake Therapy apparel; during the pandemic, has simultaneously taken me out of myself while connecting me to who I am at my core all at the same time + what I have learned is life is about balance. Seeing the bigger picture and making a choice everyday to commit to the vision of my business. Not in one grand gesture or launch as I naively thought when I first started, but in the daily grind + forging of this devoted life. 

I have received countless beautiful and inspiring messages from people who have found Lake Therapy apparel and been brave + open to share how it resonates with them; how wearing our logo is a reminder for them of their personal journey or love for the lake. How healing and calming being lakeside is - sitting on a dock with a hot coffee, kayaking, daily walks on the shoreline. Personal stories of family getaways, reunions, grief, health, recovery and so much more.. This is what Lake Therapy apparel truly means to me + what drives me forward everyday and holds me up when I wonder what the heck I am doing! At times they are the reminder I need to stay true to the commitment I have made to my business, myself and my family - I Thank you and encourage you to dress from the inside out! 

Please continue to share and inspire me - publicly or privately.

 with love + gratitude

Samantha Holmes
founder I owner


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