Samantha Holmes, founder of Lake Therapy apparel - Okanagan sustainable apparel

dare to dream

And just like that, with a push of a button we go from a vision to reality! A concept I have dreamed about since 2005 moving to the beautiful Okanagan to, well, this brand that has taken on a life of it's own. Days, weeks, months of learning, growing - expanding; some crying if I'm being totally honest haha. How am I going to do this? Am I crazy? What am I doing.. but my inner voice said go! This is meant to be; you got this.

So here it is - Lake Therapy apparel. I am so proud to share it with you and I hope you stay for the journey! I still have a lot to learn, 2020/2021 has thrown all they had so far but I welcome the journey; all the amazing connections and people who have come into my life along the way and the ones I have yet to meet.

Thank you for stopping in; we embrace you ~

 with love + gratitude

Samantha Holmes
founder I owner



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